Throughout ancient history, magnificent pictorial Persian rugs were created, serving as a testament and historical documentation to the lives and passions of their owners.

WARP has embraced this time-honored practice and introduced a new and captivating interior language that will celebrate the passions you truly geek out to as a highly personalised, unique tapestry, blanket or rug created exclusively for you.

Passion woven

These personal passions will be woven into the very fabric of your textile piece, brought to life by human craft of hand-made tapstry and rug weaving, enriched with a tangible texture and soul that creates a truly special work of art.

By working with you in this way, WARP seeks to create a body of work that contain snap shots of modern geek culture, to be preserved as historical records for future generations to discovered and enjoyed.

Our love of Persian rugs and brutalist architecture was brought together with such skill by WARP, mimicking the Persian style with the starkness of the buildings - to create a truly stunning piece, uniquely crafted for us

Gemma & Ben Bell - Private clients

Ancient craft

Made with the same craft and technique as rugs of old, your bespoke rug will be steeped in the history of a timeless practice.

It will embark on a journey of intricate mweaving and wielding unparalleled precision, as the artisan weavers delicately loop and knot every thread of wool by hand.

The result of this meticulous craftsmanship is a mere 10-15 centimeters of Persian rug produced per day, a slow and skilful process and a testament to the artistry of handwoven rugs not changed in thousands of years.

Personalised art

Your journey will produce a very personal work of textile art, that only a few have the chance to experience.

Become part of a very small group of people, whose passions throughout history, have been remembered in textile form. 

Due to the nature of designing and weaving these beautiful rugs, each project develops slowly and beautifully, which means each piece receives the time and dedication it needs to become a true masterpiece.

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