Founded by textile artists Mark & Sinead Hanlon, WARP is an explorative studio designing bespoke rugs for clients and exciting collections of woven tapestry blankets that create purposeful art for the interior world.

Inspired by the ancient and powerful practice of storytelling through weaving, each woven art piece is an inspiration behind the stories that connect us, the human experience, the power and resilience of nature and the tales of old that are still so relevant today.

Through a celebration of colour and creativity WARP invites you to become part of this storytelling journey.


WARP comes to life through a satisfying creative process in their Somerset studio.

Tufting looms are used to produce small individual pieces, whilst their larger collections and big bespoke commissions are produced through collaborating with their extended weaving family.

Since 2010 WARP and its partner mills have built a shared passion in creativity and ethical craftmanship.

Their textile art pieces are produced high up within the beautiful Nepalese mountains and down in the hot Indian sunshine of Carpet City.

The studio has welcomed an exciting new collaborator in the USA to explore specialist cotton loom pieces all created with passion and care.


To be enjoyed over a lifetime, WARP's textiles are made to enhance the lives of the people that make them and honour the life of the planet that provides the materials.

As a partner of Goodweave, WARP is fully opposed to child labour and ensures that all rugs are made by adult artisans and adhere to strict ethical standards.

This initiative offers educational opportunities, rescues child labourers and provides critical services for weaving families.

A percentage of the cost for each rug supports Goodweave social programs in India, Nepal or Afghanistan.

If you keep on buying things made by child slaves, you are equally responsible for the perpetration of slavery

Kailash Satyarthi - Founder of Goodweave & Nobel Peace Prize Winner


By supporting projects around the world WARP invests in nature to tackle our environmental impact and climate change.

For each m2 of textile woven, we work out the carbon emissions and use Ecologi to plant trees and purchase carbon and reverse our emmissions.

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Oeko-Tex Certified

Our woven jacquard blankets are certified as OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100.

This certification ensures that our materials have been tested and proven that they are free of any harmful and toxic chemicals.