About Warp

WARP is the persona of Mark Hanlon, a textile artist, avid board game athlete and all round geek.

From a young age Mark had had a thirst for all things sci-fi, fantasy and horror, and pays homage to these passions through the creation of textile works of art.

Formerly an awarded graphic designer and art director, Mark worked within the design & advertising industry for over 10 years. But after discovering the beauty of Persian rugs, he transformed into a fully fledged textile artist back in 2012.

Working tirelessly, he established the sought after textile design practice “Studio Knot”, where to this day produces high-end art rugs and tapestries for clients around the world.

This journey has led him to this new point, that fuses his love of gaming, geek culture and high-end textiles as a new artistic persona - WARP.

The sole aim of this new project is to weave together these exciting worlds into a new and vibrant interior language.