Warp Rugs


WARP is a fusing of two multimedia textile artists, Mark & Sinead Hanlon, who togther, have been creating beautiful rugs since 2012, and also head up Studio Knot, a bespoke rug design studio.

Mark & Sinead's love for carpets began with an encounter with a breathtaking Persian rug many years ago in 2011 that changed the course of their lives.

Following their new found passion, whilst teaching themsleves the rug trade the pair have rolled out beautiful rugs for some of the most exciting and innovative properties and hotels around the world, whilst curating rugs for exciting exhibitions in London, Paris, and New York.

WARP Studio

Their latest project WARP takes their love of textiles and fusing it with digital art and cutting edge technology and culture to create innovative rugs that push the boundaries of textile design.

WARP sets out to capture and celebrate the passion, achievements and the styles from modern sub-cultures and art movements. Capturing unique moments in time as exciting textile pieces to be cherished for hundreds of years to come.

Located in Bruton in Somerset, WARP is situated in the beautiful rolling hills of the countryside, drawing from the creativity energy and craft of its surrounding population of artists and artisans. 

Russian Wall Rugs


Rugs infiltrated Russian apartments in the 1960's for many reasons.

This was the time of huge urbanization with populations of people leaving their rural homes and settling into new city apartments in low-cost, concrete-walled buildings.

These buildings were known by the twisted name of khrushchyovki – as they were created during the time Nikita Khrushchev was the First Secretary of the Communist Party.

The apartments were extremely cold in winter beacause of the concrete walls, so people started using wool rugs as means to keep heat in the building, especially in the northern regions and the Far East.

Russian Persian Wall Rug

The walls of khrushchyovkas were not only cold, but also thin – so thin it was sometimes hard to fall asleep in the room while somebody was watching TV in the kitchen, not to mention the quarreling neighbors and their screaming children. So carpets also served as soundproof material.

And the last, but by no means the least, they are beautiful in their own way, especially those which were produced in the southern Soviet republics of Tadjikistan, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan.

WARP is resurrecting this interiors trend with collections of wall hung rugs and tapestries that look beautiful but also serve purpose through warmth and comfort. 



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