Artisan weavers


WARP is pioneering new and innovative ways in which to design rugs - but our manufacture remains firmly rooted in the past.

Dating back over 3000 years, the art of handweaving is a tradition passed down through generations of skilled weavers, using techniques that have remained unchanged for centuries.

spining yarn

Every rug is a masterpiece, crafted entirely by hand with meticulous attention to detail.

Created by hand in the mountains of Nepal, the process starts with carding, where the raw wool is separated out so each fibre becomes straight and workable. The wool is then spun into yarn - it’s desired thickness is chosen and the blank canvas from which we work is ready.

Our Tibetan dye masters work hard in their laboratories to create an exact match to the colours that have been chosen, before the wool is pot dyed and pulled out a day or so later, completely transformed.

Artisan Craft

After the vibrant and colourful yarns are left to dry out in the raw heat of the Asian sun and a graph image of the design is provided to the artisans, the weaving itself can begin as lines of cotton are tirelessly stretched, looped and knotted.

This is an incredibly long and skilled process where only 10-15 cm of carpet is made each day, meaning a rug can take months or sometimes years to create. Growing in real-time alongside the maker’s everyday lives, these rugs become as much a part of their story as they do yours.


After the rug has been woven on the loom, it undergoes a series of meticulous finishing processes to ensure that it is truly a work of art.

First, it is washed by hand, creating a soft and lustrous finish. The cutting team then uses specialized carving scissors to refine any remaining design details and smooth out the surface of the pile, creating various heights and contours for a truly 3D effect.

Finally, the rug is inspected one last time and any necessary adjustments are made to ensure that it meets the highest standards of quality. Once these steps are complete, the rug is ready to be dispatched to its new home

Your rug is now packaged and prepared for shipping, with expert care taken to ensure its safe arrival.

We take steps to minimize our carbon footprint during the delivery process and only work with reputable couriers.

As your rug travels to its destination, we will keep you informed of its progress and provide updates until it is delivered to your doorstep.



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