Artisan weavers


Crafted with utmost care and expertise, WARP's bespoke carpets embody timeless traditions that honor a rich history, transcending time itself.

Nestled amidst the majestic mountains of Nepal, skilled artisans meticulously bring WARP's rugs and carpet tapestries to life.

The journey begins with the delicate art of carding, where every wool fiber is meticulously aligned to achieve perfect straightness and workability.

Next, the wool is spun into yarn, carefully selecting the desired thickness, preparing the pristine canvas on which WARP's craftsmanship will flourish.

spining yarn

Step into the realm of the laboratory, where revered Tibetan dye masters tirelessly work to achieve impeccable color matching.

Through meticulous pot dyeing and patient maturation, the wool undergoes an awe-inspiring transformation, emerging with vibrant hues that reflect the true essence of artisan craft.

Under the warm embrace of the radiant Nepalese sun, colorful yarns gracefully bask in the heat, gradually drying to perfection.

Artisan Craft

Guided by a graph image of the design, the artisans embark on a journey of intricate weaving. With unparalleled precision, they delicately loop and knot every thread of cotton by hand, yielding a mere 10-15 centimeters of carpet per day.

This demanding process requires remarkable patience and skill, transforming each rug into a masterpiece that often takes months or even years to reach its culmination.

As artisans invest their lives in the creation of these rugs, their personal narratives intertwine with each piece, infusing it with a unique depth that resonates with your own story.


Once the handweaving process is complete, your rug undergoes a transformative stretching, meticulously tailored to achieve the perfect dimensions and shape.

No detail is left unattended as the rug undergoes thorough washing, trimming, and careful clipping.

Impeccable quality and consistency are ensured through careful inspections, leaving no room for compromise until entirely satisfied.

Only when the final piece is signed off does it embrace its well-deserved rolling up and packaging.

Utilizing eco-friendly materials, your rug is securely prepared for its remarkable journey, ready to arrive at your doorstep with its enduring beauty.


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