Abstract Art Carpet Tapestries


Enrich your home's design story with a unique wall hung rug, textile artist WARP specializes in creating bespoke tapestries that transcend the ordinary, infusing vibrancy and dynamism into your space.

Each piece is individually designed, ensuring its uniqueness and transforming it into the sensory centerpiece of your room. These tangible masterpieces invite you to feel their textures and experience the transformative power they bring to your interior.

Your space becomes a canvas for artistic expression, tailored to your distinct taste and style, weaving a story that resonates with you and elevating your interior to new heights.

WARP unique carpet tapestries and wall hung rugs

WARP's unique carpet tapestries and wall-hung rugs go beyond visually stunning textile art. They value the connection built with their clients, making the journey of bringing your vision to life a collaborative and fulfilling experience.

You become an essential part of the creative process, and WARP takes the time to truly understand your distinct preferences, style, and the story you wish to express through their art.

Every detail is carefully considered and meticulously captured, resulting in a custom textile masterpiece that authentically reflects your personal narrative.

Abstract Art - Wall Hung Rug

WARP works with a team of skilled artisans and is committed to upholding the timeless traditions of textile craftsmanship.

They seamlessly blend these traditions with contemporary design elements, handcrafting each piece with a touch of human artistry and unwavering attention to detail that sets them apart.

For each commission, WARP takes immense pride in sourcing the finest quality materials, ensuring that your carpet, tapestry, or rug not only looks exceptional but also withstands the test of time.

Bespoke Rug

With WARP's unwavering commitment to craftsmanship, every stitch, fiber, and texture is thoughtfully chosen to create a lasting work of art that brings boundless joy and inspiration to your space.

Choosing a WARP commission means embarking on a transformative experience. It's an immersive journey with a tangible masterpiece that enriches your everyday life, ignites conversations, and evokes deep emotions.

Roll out a perfect tapestry for your space, seamlessly connecting art, craftsmanship, and your own unique story.


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