weaving PERSONAL stories of passion & culture into bespoke persian rugs 

Throughout the annals of ancient history, magnificent pictorial Persian rugs were created, serving as a testament to the lives and passions of their owners.

WARP has embraced this time-honored practice and introduced a captivating interior language that celebrates the stories of individuals' lives.

These remarkable moments, passions, and achievements are beautifully displayed in a modern context.

Inspired by the beauty and intricate patterns found in renowned Persian rugs, WARP embarked on a journey to reimagine the art of storytelling. Their aim is to honor the essence of this ancient tradition while infusing it with a fresh and contemporary perspective.

WARP invites individuals to embark on their own narrative journey, where vibrant, reimagined textile masterpieces become a medium for modern self-expression.

Bespoke Persian Rug

Each textile artwork is meticulously crafted, intertwining modern aesthetics with the rich heritage of storytelling.

Through innovative design and reimagination, WARP breathes new life into traditional patterns, creating captivating compositions that resonate with the present era.

Persian Rug Production

WARP's skilled artisans skillfully capture the essence of each individual's life story, infusing it with a touch of modernity. The exceptional work of textile art is designed not only for present enjoyment but also to transcend generations.

As future audiences step onto these rugs, they are transported to the past, immersed in the rich tapestry of the owner's life. They discover the unique narrative woven within these masterpieces, bridging the gap between ancient traditions and contemporary expressions.

Bespoke Persian Rug


Bespoke Persian Contact


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