WARP is a fusion of two textile artists united by their profound passion for their craft and collaborating as a single entity. With shared creativity and an innovative spirit, they bring forth extraordinary rugs and carpet tapestries that have captivated interior spaces worldwide.

Every textile piece they create is a celebration of contemporary art and culture, skillfully interwoven into captivating designs that embody style, passion, and the achievements of humanity.

WARP's mission is to push the boundaries of traditional textile design, crafting artworks that encapsulate the essence of our modern world. From thought-provoking explorations to whimsical creations, they treat each piece as a canvas for experimentation, creating tactile visual pleasures for your interior.

Working in collaboration with skilled artisans and utilizing only the finest quality materials, each piece undergoes meticulous handcraftsmanship, ensuring that the final result is nothing short of perfection.

WARP firmly believes that the true beauty of their tapestries lies in the intricate details and the tactile quality of the materials employed.

More than mere decorative pieces, each tapestry weaves a compelling narrative, evoking emotions, awakening memories, and aiming to be visually stunning while carrying deeper meanings.

Whether it's a personal commission or an art piece for a commercial space, WARP works closely with clients, striving to surpass their expectations at every step of the journey.

Nestled amidst the rolling hills of Somerset, WARP's studio finds its home within a vibrant hub of creativity and artistry.

Ethical Rugs


As an artist, WARP is deeply committed to creating with a conscience and making a positive impact. Sustainability lies at the core of WARP's artistic practice, shaping every aspect of their work, from their weaving techniques to their packaging methods. They strive to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a greener world.

One of WARP's notable initiatives involves the pursuit of carbon negativity. They understand the importance of taking responsibility for their environmental impact. WARP takes proactive measures, such as planting trees, to not only offset the CO2 emissions they generate but also actively contribute to the global fight against climate change.

Sustainable Textiles

When it comes to their sustainable textiles, WARP holds themselves to high standards. For every square meter of rug woven, they pledge to plant a sufficient number of trees that can capture over three times the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere. This ensures that their artistic creations go beyond aesthetics, actively working towards a healthier planet.

WARP sets their least environmentally friendly rug as a benchmark, constantly striving to improve their practices. By doing so, they solidify their dedication to sustainability, continuously minimizing their ecological footprint as they craft meaningful and impactful art.

Ethical Rugs


As proud partners of Goodweave, WARP is strongly opposed child labour and ensure that all rugs are made by adult artisans who adhere to strict ethical standards.

Sustainable Textiles

Through this partnership, WARP supports Goodweave's social programs in India, Nepal, or Afghanistan, which provide educational opportunities, rescue child laborers, and offer critical services to weaving families.

By integrating sustainability into every aspect of our work, WARP strives to create a better future, a commitment that extends beyond craft, nurturing the environment and empowering communities along the way.


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